Exors Gaming




  • Age21 years
  • JoinedNov 2014
  • CountryCzech Republic
The former League of Legends player, but now he doesn't have that much time, so he's more concerned with leading the organization. But he still has a player in his heart.
CS:GO Manager & Marketing

Matouš Marek

  • Age20 years
  • JoinedAug 2019
  • CountryCzech Republic
IT technic, gamer and Web Developer. Takes care of the CS:GO team, communicates with sponsors and is in charge of marketing
Personalist & Marketing

Romana Lukashenko

  • Age18 years
  • JoinedAug 2019
  • CountryCzech Republic
Romana is head of the marketing department and she is taking care of communication with sponsors, our influencers and making new partnerships.
PUBG Manager

Matěj Sestrienka

  • Age22 years
  • JoinedDec 2014
  • CountryCzech Republic
Takes care of the PUBG team, is in charge of the finances of the organization